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Market Review Whilst the Government eased restrictions back in September, with the Covid virus seemingly under control, it seems that as we now head into deep winter the numbers are again spiraling ever upwards. Pressure on the hospitals could result in further restrictions being put in place which, in turn will impact on the used markets. However, as we have



Market Review As the world continues to wrestle with the impact and effects of the Covid19 pandemic, the used vehicle markets have proved to be remarkably resilient. The first quarter of this year was largely spent in lockdown around the country and it is fair to say that the car markets probably suffered more than the LCV, Truck and Plant


Winter Spring 2021

Market Review Since our last blog, the market has now really divided into two halves of success and mediocre; LCV’s remain extremely popular attracting very strong pricing whereas the car market is now struggling with a real lack of demand at the forecourts. Many car dealers have left a fair number of their staff on the Government furlough scheme, as


Covid Blog Winter 2020 Update

Following yesterday’s news about the release of this latest lockdown and of the Xmas celebrations allowed, the markets carry on seemingly unaffected by this statement, at least so far. The car markets have since the commencement of lockdown 2, been in freefall with prices dropping off dramatically. Indeed demand is now so poor that it is really just anything different


Autumn 2020

Market Review The summer months have been quite literally on fire at the used markets and that is pretty much across the board, cars, vans, trucks and plant. This has been despite the various Government restrictions and lockdowns, most recently of just 6 people meeting in any gathering, indoors or outside. This doesn’t affect the motor trade too much, as


Summer 2020

As we now slowly but surely head out of lockdown all auctions have now resumed working, albeit in an online method of sale only. Currently there is no possibility of buyers or vendors attending the auction sites on sale days because most cannot enforce the strict social distancing rules laid out by the Government. Rather interestingly, one auction has managed