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Winter/Spring 2024

HEADLINE NEWS As is normal for the first quarter of the year, following a quiet December and Christmas period January saw a fairly prominent upsurge in retail demand at the forecourts, with some traders reporting they were “very busy”. This created some very good selling conditions at auction in most sectors, with some very good conversion rates of sold stock.


Autumn 2023

HEADLINE NEWS The used markets remained very buoyant for much of the Spring in most sectors, despite the ongoing world issues with energy prices and the Ukraine war. It would appear that the average used buyer is putting these issues to their back burners and getting on with life, making the purchase of the used vehicle. Of course, the continuing


Winter 2022/2023

HEADLINE NEWS The early part of this year generally provided a very good month for used vehicle sales, helped by a continued lack of any real volume at auction centres around the country. This was the scene at Aston Barclay Westbury Auctions in the middle of the month where a reasonable size selection of LCV’s sold extremely well. However, like


Autumn 2022

Now the dust has settled following the late Monarch’s funeral in September, there were signs that the public were returning to the forecourts and in reasonable numbers. That was until the full implications of the Chancellors ‘Mini Budget’ later in October dawned on people, with much media hype surrounding mortgage repayments doubling by this time next year, energy bills rising


Winter / Spring 2022

Market Review Whilst the Government eased restrictions back in September, with the Covid virus seemingly under control, it seems that as we now head into deep winter the numbers are again spiraling ever upwards. Pressure on the hospitals could result in further restrictions being put in place which, in turn will impact on the used markets. However, as we have


Summer 2021

Market Review As the world continues to wrestle with the impact and effects of the Covid19 pandemic, the used vehicle markets have proved to be remarkably resilient. The first quarter of this year was largely spent in lockdown around the country and it is fair to say that the car markets probably suffered more than the LCV, Truck and Plant